Risk Your Life
RYL: Path of the Emperor

RYL is an MMORPG based upon player versus player (PVP) combat. Players can assume the role of Humans from the Kartefant Nation or Ak'kan from Merkhadia.

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RYL: Path of the Emperor is a Fighting, Single-player and Multiplayer video game that is developed by Gamasoft and published by Planetwide Games.

At the start, the player needs to jump into the fantasy environment and become a part of PvP combat to fight against opposing players.

Get into the role of the human from the nation of Kartefant, and attempt to embark on an epic quest and mission to receive various rewards.

The skill-based system is there that assists the player to learn a variety of unique skills, personalities, and abilities.

The combat system is available that enables the player to make use of various kinds of weapons and defeat opposing players.

Multiple modes are there, such as PvP mode that focuses on earning several points by defeating opposing players from all over the world.

Select his character class from available and remain engaged in changing the appearance, skills, and other attributes.

Make use of many customization factors and feature to alter the multiple characteristics of the controlled player.

RYL: Path of the Emperor contains fabulous features, such as Set of Quests, PVP Combat, Kartefant Nation, Skill-based System, and more

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